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Notwithstanding backstory development by Games Workshop and affiliates (such as the publishing imprint Black Library ) that spans several decades, the core depiction of the Imperium – as a totalitarian, strife-torn galactic empire on the brink of catastrophe – changed little; a major reason is the publisher's decision to "freeze" the narrative setting to the universe's late– 41st millennium (or late– M41 [1] ). As of 2013 [update] , this setting had been utilised by the majority of related material; however, for several years prior and continuing, the publisher has also been promoting a parallel narrative thread for the fictional universe, which is taking place during the founding and early times of the Imperium.

Continuous warfare raged across the surface of Terra for 2,500 years, beginning in the late 27th Millennium. Little remained of the once sophisticated civilisation of Old Earth's glorious past as the centre of a growing human interstellar commonwealth marked by advanced science, high culture and wondrous technologies. Techno-barbarian warlords and their warrior hordes continuously fought over the planet, which had become little more than a massive battleground for their wars of attrition. They made use of chemical, biological and even thermonuclear weapons of mass destruction, and slowly transformed the cradle of Mankind into a battered, post-apocalyptic wasteland across most of its scarred surface.

Heresy - Warfare Of MindsHeresy - Warfare Of MindsHeresy - Warfare Of MindsHeresy - Warfare Of Minds