Skarhead - ny thugcore the hardcore years 1994-2000 - Skarhead - NY Thugcore

After his nine year rule in the scene, Lord Ezec took a whole new direction and that is where DANNY DIABLO really begins. The first solo recording for DANNY DIABLO began with . by The Transplants, he was then featured with Danny Boy O’connor and Shiftee on the rap mash-up “Suck On My Gun” (2003). Continuing to mold his hardcore/hip-hop persona he released a few street CD releases on his own label Ill Roc Records .
In 2005 he recorded “Hardcore For Life” on Travis Barker ’s Lasalle Records .
In 2007 DANNY DIABLO ’s “Thugcore For Life” was released on Suburban Noize featuring the Tim Armstrong produced “Living By The Gun”. The marriage to Armstrong remained and he was signed to Tim’s Hellcat Records for the release of his genre mash-up record “International Hardcore Superstar”, a compilation of songs and styles from Danny’s life and experiences.

Skarhead - NY Thugcore The Hardcore Years 1994-2000