Nursery of naughtiness - the lesson 1 ep - The cuckold Nursery part 1 - Sissy Kiss

Daddy dressed me in my tight grey shorts and school uniform and I was driven to the foreboding old house he had been living in for many years. Rev Quilp looked me up and down at the door and exclaimed: "A truly magnificent young man. It shall be a positive joy to train this boy. I can assure you he'll be more than ready for his schooling by the time I've finished with him!"

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Graham Greene called The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin “an unsatisfactory book” in comparison with Beatrix Potter’s earlier tales, and it deserves this designation only insofar as it does not satisfy the accepted formula of the nursery morality tale. The ambiguity of Nutkin’s tale is very satisfying indeed. Whether or not Nutkin’s dismemberment is read as justice for nonconformity or a further celebration of nonconformity, what is more startling and poignant than the loss of Nutkin’s tail is the loss of Nutkin’s tales, as he proves unable to speak or sing after his chastisement. Perhaps Thoreau was right when he quipped, “The squirrel that you kill in jest, dies in earnest.” Whether in in jest or in earnest, however, whether in life or death, a little perversity is always satisfactory. The Bohemian life of leisure that dangles its legs above the law in a realm of music and poetry often carries with it an impudence that is almost an innocence in its scorn for societal norms. Nutkin’s is the attitude that does not obsequiously succumb to the formalities of, say, nineteenth century landowners, despite their pride, power, and sovereignty. Nutkin is the ancient Squirrel of Mischief: the irresistible agent of insubordination that launches itself against the rigid systems of the world in the struggle between the playful and the pragmatic. The contract between the silly songs that ring through the woods and the serious industry and poise that rises above them is reflective of a reality that every child knows—and so does every parent.

Nursery Of Naughtiness - The Lesson 1 EPNursery Of Naughtiness - The Lesson 1 EPNursery Of Naughtiness - The Lesson 1 EPNursery Of Naughtiness - The Lesson 1 EP